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Cor­po­rate Social Responsibility

Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion. LLC is com­mit­ted to respon­si­ble cor­po­rate cit­i­zen­ship and views it as being of equal value to its finan­cial mis­sion. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC exists to serve peo­ple. To that end, it mea­sures its impact not just in terms of the value it brings to its share­hold­ers but also the value it brings to its cus­tomers, neigh­bors, asso­ciates, com­peti­tors, and broader com­mu­nity. In other words, cor­po­rate social respon­si­bil­ity is an inte­gral ele­ment of the cor­po­rate char­ac­ter and culture.

These val­ues are defined and out­lined in the following:

1. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC shall be known and oper­ated as an open, hon­est, earnest, eth­i­cal and people-​centered busi­ness entity. This shall be mea­sured by the num­ber, dura­tion, con­tent and health of its busi­ness asso­ci­a­tions with cus­tomers, part­ners, com­peti­tors, affil­i­ates and neigh­bors at large.

2. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC and its affil­i­ates shall work to sup­port small enter­prises that cre­ate good qual­ity prod­ucts and ser­vices the world over. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC shall pro­vide afford­able, sus­tain­able, and scal­able ser­vices to its small busi­ness clients to spur their growth. This shall be mea­sured by the abil­ity of its clients to access pro­duc­tive capac­ity and mar­kets that might oth­er­wise not be avail­able to them. The num­ber and impact of these inter­ven­tions (on both sides of the trans­ac­tion bridge) shall be the pri­mary met­ric of the company’s success.

3. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC shall endeavor in every prod­uct devel­op­ment or enter­prise devel­op­ment effort to reduce its envi­ron­men­tal foot­print and that of its clients and asso­ciates. It shall do so by always bal­anc­ing the enthalpic needs of a busi­ness effort with the eco­logic impact of such effort. Where there is a con­flict, the bal­ance shall tilt in the direc­tion of the option which serves the greater num­ber of peo­ple or assists a larger frac­tion of the pop­u­lace in the direc­tion of self-​sufficiency.

4. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC shall itself oper­ate – and drive its clients and asso­ciates to oper­ate — in a man­ner that rec­og­nizes work­place safety as a basic expres­sion of human care. This shall be reflected in its prod­uct design, enter­prise devel­op­ment and oper­a­tions man­age­ment prac­tices. The com­pany shall also con­vey these prac­tices in its ped­a­gogy and out­reach efforts. Given that ‘safety is no acci­dent’, Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC shall empha­size excel­lent design and even bet­ter oper­a­tion in all its devel­op­ment efforts.

5. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC works in many devel­op­ing economies and rural com­mu­ni­ties around the world, with very small com­pa­nies. The firm is keenly aware of its own egal­i­tar­ian her­itage, and sees the equity and dig­nity of its clients and cus­tomers as crit­i­cal ele­ments of the trans­ac­tion. The firm is firmly com­mit­ted to ‘fair trade’ not as a mantra or prod­uct label but as a basic prac­tice of any respon­si­ble busi­ness. It defines ‘fair trade’ as “behav­ior that cre­ates a trans­ac­tion – and trans­ac­tion cli­mate — between par­ties in which both party’s short-​term objec­tives are met while advanc­ing their longer-​term com­mer­cial aspi­ra­tions “.

6. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC does not view ‘diver­sity’ as end in and of itself. It views diver­sity in all its hues (social, cul­tural, edu­ca­tional, reli­gious, gen­der, cog­ni­tive, expe­ri­en­tial, per­cep­tual, and so on) as nec­es­sary for its effec­tive oper­a­tion in the var­i­ous local­i­ties and cir­cum­stances in which it oper­ates. The firm is fully com­mit­ted to hir­ing and part­ner­ing in a man­ner that reflects this neces­sity, and its her­itage as a people-​centered busi­ness entity.

7. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC views entre­pre­neur­ial cit­i­zen­ship as a basic human right. The firm shall always strive to sup­port peo­ple (and groups thereof) seek­ing to improve their cir­cum­stance by way of legit­i­mate pri­vate enter­prise. It shall do so by pro­vid­ing afford­able ser­vices, and where nec­es­sary and fea­si­ble, lever­ag­ing its rela­tion­ships to reaf­firm and sup­port entre­pre­neur­ial cit­i­zen­ship even in those instances where there there may not be imme­di­ate finan­cial reward.

8. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC views qual­ity man­age­ment and pro­duc­tiv­ity improve­ment as inte­gral ele­ments of cor­po­rate social respon­si­bil­ity. While the for­mer reduces waste on the cus­tomer side of the trans­ac­tion, the lat­ter reduces waste on the provider side. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC views these as nec­es­sary and com­ple­men­tary ele­ments that reduce the envi­ron­men­tal foot­print AND increase the prof­itabil­ity (both finan­cial and eco­log­i­cal) of a busi­ness oper­a­tion. This shall be reflected in its design, devel­op­ment and man­age­ment ser­vices and operations.

9. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC shall obey the laws of the coun­tries and local­i­ties in which it operates.

10. Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion, LLC shall not oper­ate in any coun­try or juris­dic­tion which laws force the com­pany to oper­ate in a man­ner that vio­lates its ethics or com­pro­mises its values.

Adopted on the 9th of June, 2006. Wash­ing­ton, DC.

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